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Whether you are just wanting to book in your annual Pest Control for Ants, Cockies, Silverfish and webbing Spiders OR you need to tick some boxes for your property manager with Flea treatment.. Then we have you covered...

Pest control
We help get your bond money back by offering the best PEST CONTROL prices in Brisbane...
Our PEST CONTROL is based on the understanding 
that reducing and eliminating a pest problem is joint effort between you and us. 

We help find the causal issue of the pest problem to prevent further infestation and offer solutions 
for this along with pest control for your home coming with a 
12 month guarantee with your annual treatment or a 3 months guaranteed with a flea treatment
Pest Control
Fleas, roaches, ants, spiders or wasps attempting a takeover? Rest assured our technically trained team have you covered, with family friendly and pet safe products . 
Latest Equipement
Using both portable and truck mount machines so we can services both homes and high rise apartments. Both machines are high powered to get a deep down clean...
Deep Steam Cleaning
High pressure, high heat and super strong extraction helps us get deep into the fibres to clean and sanitise your mattress for the best clean possible.
We proudly offer SAME DAY service. Having a large team allows us to take urgent same day bookings...
Cockroaches are one of the most hated insects, especially when they are found inside homes. 

Cockroaches leave chemical trails in their feces, as well as emitting airborne pheromones for swarming and mating. These chemical trails transmit bacteria onto surfaces. 

Other cockroaches will follow these trails to discover sources of food and water, and also discover where other cockroaches are hiding. 

Thus, cockroaches can exhibit emergent behavior, in which group or swarm behavior emerges from a simple set of individual interactions.
There are measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of an ant invasion in the kitchen; 

wiping up spills and putting food away immediately in sealed containers helps. 

Keeping your home dry and well ventilated will discourage dreaded Carpenter Ants from entering. 

When ants do get in, insecticides applied along baseboards or around foundations can provide some temporary relief. But ants seldom carry enough insecticide back to the nest to kill the queen… 

SO the nest must be located and the colony 
Webbing SPiders
Most species of spiders do not attempt to bite ; many have fangs that are not capable of piercing the skin. 

However, some will, with results that are similar to a wasp or bee sting. There is the chance that a person can have an allergic reaction to the venom. 

Medical attention should be sought if bitten. 

Some trap their prey in webs or snares; others are active hunters that use excellent vision to stalk or ambush their food. 

 Only a few species, such as the Redback, Whitetail and the Funnel Web, have venom that is very toxic or harmful to humans.
Paper wasps and hornets may become a nuisance when nesting around homes and other structures where people live, work or play. 

It is their painful stinging ability that causes alarm and fear. 

There are two kinds of Australian Native Paper Wasps and both are quite common in Australia. 

The wasps that build rather long narrow nests mainly hanging in trees or shrubs are Rhpalidia paper wasps.

The second kind are called Polistes and they make a nest in the shape of an upside down wine glass, that looks like the holey side of a crumpet.
We proudly offer SAME DAY service. Having a large team allows us to take urgent same day bookings...
Silverfish are nocturnal insects typically 13–30 mm (0.5–1 in) long. Their abdomens taper at the end, giving them a fish-like appearance. 

Silverfish are considered household pests, due to their consumption and destruction of property.

They eat a wide variety of foods, including glue, wallpaper paste, book bindings, paper, photographs, starch in clothing, cotton, linen, rayon fabrics, wheat flour, cereals, dried meats, leather and even dead insects. 

Silverfish often live in damp, cool places.

Rats and mice are the most abundant and therefore the more annoying and destructive of all rodents for  a home or business.

Throughout history, they have been responsible for more human illnesses and deaths more than any other mammals. 

The signs of a rat or mouse infestation include droppings, tracks in the moist earth or dusty places. 

There will be signs of gnawing and runways in the grass or through trash. 

You also can smell the presence of rats and mice, especially in a poorly ventilated room.
Carpet Moth
The varied carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) is a 3 mm-long beetle belonging to the family Dermestidae.

This beetle can be a serious household pest and a pest in natural history museums, where it can damage biological specimens. 

While adults are pollen grazers, larvae feed on natural fibers like wool carpet (hence the name carpet beetle/moth)

Carpet beetles feed on animal and plant substances such as wool, fur, feathers, hair, hides, horns, silk, velvet, felts and bone as well as seeds, grain, cereals, cake mixes, red pepper, rye meal and flour.
Fleas are small, hard-bodied wingless insects with a flattened body and legs adapted for jumping on to a host. 

Humans are often attacked when other food sources aren’t available. 

Their bite leaves a red, itchy spot on the skin. Their saliva is irritating to the host, causing dermatitis and hair loss in allergic animals.

A bad flea infestation can quickly cover both your household pet and your home. 

The longer the pet’s owner waits to fight back, the bigger the problem grows.

We proudly offer SAME DAY service. Having a large team allows us to take urgent same day bookings...
We have serviced well over 50,000 homes since we started our business. 
We know pests well. So whether you are just after an annual treatment OR you just need to get your home over the line for your property manager... Then this is why you need to choose us.

If you want all your bond money back. If you want to save money and save time. If you want peace of mind. Simply call and speak with one of our customer care team today...
  • We offer FULL WARRANTY  (Up to 12months)
  •  We care and understand
  • We use safe gentle products
  •  Low allergenic
  •  Specially trained & licensed specialists
  •  You and your hip pocket in mind
We proudly offer SAME DAY service. Having a large team allows us to take urgent same day bookings...
What pest control do i need to get my bond back and WHY?
The main reason people get their pest control done when they leave a rental is because it's in the lease agreement...
  • Fleas
  • Roaches
  •  Ants, spiders, silverfish, wasps
We proudly offer SAME DAY service. Having a large team allows us to take urgent same day bookings...
Flea Treatment vs Roaches
Guardian uses a 4 step process to do your pest control. depending on the service will depending on the areas sprayed. Fleas require a complete floor spray and cockroaches are a perimeter spray and gels applied to wet area cupboard hinges along with dusting behind furniture and roofcavity. 

Our main aim is ensure the best coverage to eliminate the pests.
  • Step 1. Pre inspection to look for harbourage or infestations 
  • Step 2. Spray areas (dependant on service)
  •  Step 3. Dust applied (dependant on service)
  •  Step 4. Ad gels (dependant on services)
We proudly offer SAME DAY service. Having a large team allows us to take urgent same day bookings...
Internal and external treatment using family friendly and pet friendly products.

Treating cockroaches, silverfish, ants and webbing spiders.

We use a mix of spray, gel and dust depending upon requirements. The service is quick and no fuss and results can be felt almost immediately.

all our team are licensed and accredited in carpet cleaning too so if you have had a pest problem having the carpets deep steam cleaned just before the pest spray can also be a nice useful touch. 

Combining the two, saving you not just money but time as well. So you can relax in your beautiful home...
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